How we started
After years of seeing how businesses were struggling with the digitization of their paperwork, we found switching back and forth between manual checks and digital uploads disrupted workflow and left companies vulnerable to online fraud attacks leading to operational losses. We felt the need to build a solution that would address this growing problem.
CAIGROUP is a smart document processing company designed to reduce operational expenses associated with document processing and provides instant alerts for fraud and exceptions. Our mission is to provide customers automated, touchless document processing whilst also eliminating external losses. Working on a subscription-based model, the platform is easy-to-use and intuitive, suiting both small and large companies alike.
Meet the team
Firdaus Mogul
Radhika Chatterjee
Chief Product Officer
Larisa Dhawan
Head of Client Management
Devesh Sharma
Tech Lead
Pankaj Kumar
Senior Tech Developer
Rizwan Alam
Tech Developer
Jharna Agarwal
Tech Developer
Neeraj Sharma
Tech Developer
Abhineet Kumar
Design Lead
Govinder Ahlawat
Quality Assurance Lead
Sonia Kaushik
Quality Analyst
William Helps
Marketing Manager
Gurdeep Singh
Machine Training Lead